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Hi, welcome to my online bookstore. Both paperback and E-Book versions of my novels are available.

The Sibanda Series

Siband & the Rainbird

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When a gruesomely mutilated corpse is found in the bush, DI Sibanda, Sgt Ncube and the truculent Land Rover, Miss Daisy are on the case. The detective and his sergeant investigate mysterious clues found at the scene: a knife inscribed with the letter ‘B’ and a sliver of blue metallic paint, but they must conquer the challenges of the wild African Savannah and corrupt politicians to solve the crime

Sibanda & the Deaths Head Moth

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Two bodies have been discovered one struck by lightning, one half eaten by a crocodile on the banks of the Zambezi.  The deaths appear disconnected, but DI Sibanda makes the link.  Sibanda and Ncube are forced to traverse rough and remote terrain full of ivory poachers, ancient weapons, and wild and dangerous adventure.  

Black Sparrow Hawk

Sibanda & the Black Sparrowhawk

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A skinned body is discovered on the side of a railway line deep in the Matabele bush.  More girls go missing and more bones are discovered by the tracks.  DI Sibanda and Sgt Ncube soon understand they are on the trail of an elusive serial killer.  Sibanda uses a risky strategy to trap the murderer.  Can he pull it off? Once again, the trio are plunged into the wildlife world that Miss Daisy tolerates, Sibanda revels in and Ncube fears.

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